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Writing/Visual Arts-109V


Writing 109V: Writing for the Visual Arts

Syllabus W15 109V

All Material for this Course is Linked to the Schedule on this Page

Discussion Board Link

NEW AND IMPROVED Discussion Board Link

Course Schedule Winter 2015


WEEK 1: Visual Art and Genre

Tuesday 1.06.15: Introduction. Visual Art and Genre. Fibonacci Images. Rule of Thirds.

Screen: Genre. Discussion: 3 choices.

For Thursday, read Introduction AND McCloud AND Semiotics and write Discussion Board Response McCloud/Semiotics.

Thursday 1.08.15:  Semiotics and Code: Seeing the Matrix

DUE: A1 Discussion Board Response McCloud/Semiotics.

Discussion: Semiotics and Representation

In-Class Viewing: Sand Drawing

For Tuesday, read: Bernhardt and write Discussion Board Response Bernhardt.

 WEEK 2: Visual Text

Tuesday 1.13.15: Image and Text, Text and Image

DUE: A2 Discussion Board Response Bernhardt

Lecture: Organization in Visual Field.

Powerpoint: Visual Text

For Thursday, read: Cover Letter/Résumé Guidelines

Also available (not required reading):

Overview of Museum Careers

How to Approach a Gallery

Thursday 1.15.15: Cover Letter/Résumé

Lecture: Cover Letter/Résumé

 WEEK 3: Images, History, and Truth

Tuesday 1.20.15: DUE: A3 Cover Letter/Résumé (see Guidelines above)

Lecture: Michel Foucault and Las Meninas

For Th. Read Mangini AND listen to Act II: “Simulated Worlds” and write Discussion Board Response. NEW: For extra credit, read fish how to recognize and use the discussion board to compare with Mangini (anyone who has already posted can do this after class, as well). I’m adding this because of the way that the discussion board conversation is sparking some interesting questions regarding subjectivity and objectivity.

Thursday 1.22.15: Images, History, and Truth

DUE A4: Discussion Board Response Mangini /“Simulated Worlds.”

Discussion: Image, Truth, and Verisimilitude

For T., read Berger “Ways of Seeing” and write Discussion Board Response.

WEEK 4: Ways of Seeing/The Review

Tuesday 1.27.15: Ways of Seeing

Due A5 Discussion Board Response Berger

Discussion: Subjectivity, Objectivity, Intersubjectivity

For Th., read read “Kinds of Reviews” AND “Writing the Review” AND “Sample Reviews” AND The Film Review AND Review Guidelines

Thursday 1.29.15: The Review

Lecture: The Review

In-class exercise: Curatorship.

For T.:

Read General Guidelines Analysis AND Bring an evocative (interesting) Image (of any kind) to class with you

Read A6 Exhibit Review Guidelines

 WEEK 5: How We Evaluate Images

Tuesday 2.3.15: DUE A6: Review (see Guidelines above).

In-Class Analysis of Images.

Thursday 2.5.15: NO CLASS or OFFICE HOURS. INSTRUCTOR IS OUT OF TOWN. Available by email.

For T., write discussion board response to Strauss Images performing Strauss Analysis.

WEEK 6: Questions and Proposals

Tuesday 2.10.15: Proposals

Due A7: Discussion Board Strauss Analysis

For Th., read Proposal Draft/Idea

Thursday 2.12.15:

Due A8: Proposal draft/Idea.

Begin Workshop

 Week 7: Analysis and Workshop

Tuesday 2.17.15: Workshop

(Formal Proposal due in 1 week).

Thursday 2.19.15: Workshop and Proposal

For T., read Proposal Guidelines.

IMPORTANT: In choosing which kind of proposal to submit, ALSO read Project Plan

 WEEK 8: Workshop

Tuesday 2.24.15: F.D.

DUE A9 Proposal (see guidelines).

Lecture: F.D.

Thursday 2.26.15: Workshop

 WEEK 9: Workshop

Tuesday 3.3.15: Workshop

Thursday 3.5.15: Workshop.

For T.,  Guidelines Final Portfolio.

For T., read Guidelines Final Project, and choose from one of the following guidelines as fits your final project.

Guidelines Essay

Guidelines Grant Proposal

Guidelines Extended Review

 WEEK 10: Review/Wrapup

Tuesday 3.10.15: Portfolio

NOTE: Attendance is mandatory.

All course material will be returned for portfolio, including Extended Analysis, with feedback, during class ONLY.


Thursday 3.12.15: DUE A10 Final Portfolio. Last Day of Class.


March 21, 2015 DUE A11 FINAL PROJECT (or Proposal) OVER EMAIL BY MIDNIGHT.

It is your responsibility to follow these guidelines,

and to ensure you receive confirmation of receipt of your paper by the instructor.

Click here for Policy for Submitting Work over Email

Click here for Resources for Publication